Children by nature are curious.

They want to explore their surroundings. They want to observe and understand the events happening around them. They then try to recreate these events according to their perception with whatever thing available around them. This is how they attempt to understand the world around them. We adults call this act ‘play’ and the things children use we take them as toys. To avoid children using ‘our stuff’ we get ready-made toys for children. But we are not aware that the introduction of readymade toys stops children’s true explorations.

Children learn life by living- experiencing, engaging…

Invitation for a fresh exploration on why children play and MAKE their own toys as per the situation.

Readymade toys are more dangerous than schools; playworkers more dangerous than teachers. And unfortunately, modern parenting has taken on both these roles and forgotten how to be a ‘natural’ parent

Children are BIOLOGICALLY equipped by nature/life to understand the REAL world through direct engagement- PLAYFUL exploration, manipulation of objects, an IMAGINATIVE re-creation of events- AUTONOMOUSLY.

We, adults, have replaced the REAL world with the printed word (now digitized information) autonomous learning with ‘depended’ teaching and taken out of their experiential world to…

Beauty is one area that needs fresh exploration.

Like everything else modernity has appropriated beauty and also turned it into not only a mental act but also an activity to boost the ego. And like for everything else for solutions indigenous culture is one place to explore.

Art as self-expression is a modern construct. In fact, there is no word for art in most of the indigenous communities in spite of them creating beauty all around them. Unlike in modernity for them, beauty is not an afterthought but integral to whatever they do.

To experience beauty truly one has…

Not Art; But a tool for Cognition

An online course to learn to see the way children see the world

NOVEMBER 3, 6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27 — — 2020 Timing 10 30 am to 11 30



- as a tool for observation, abstraction, reflection, imagination, description,

- as a means to root oneself in the real world

- to make the connection between the real world and the two-dimensional space of books and screens.

  • as playing in 2 D


Learn to see the world through the eyes of children.


An online course to ‘understand’ the real ability of children to explore the world PLAYFULLY and to ‘conjure-up’ their own TOYS in order to make sense of the real world AUTONOMOUSLY.

NOVEMBER 02, 08, 14, 20, 26–2020 TIMINGS 6 30 TO 7 30 PM IST


Modern schooling has shifted the process, the tools, the content, and the purpose of learning and this has created its own logic whereby the real nature of learning is denied. …

— — the mirrors that have the potential to show what we are not!

The real crisis of modern ‘civilization’ and the potential of the non-literate communities has been the ‘subject’ of my exploration since 1989. After completing my post-graduation in Design, I got a chance to visit the Ao tribe, one of the 8 or 9 tribes in Nagaland. I stayed there for only fourteen days, but that was enough for me to begin my journey to relook at the modern man’s assumptions.

Later while living and working with a potters’ community in a village in Orissa, in 1991…

To reawaken the ‘artist’ in us

From product to process- From known to unknown- From teaching to awakening.

Art as a means to awaken the aesthetic sensibilities and connect to the organic order inherent in life

Art as a cognitive tool to understand the world and integrate sensing, feeling, knowing….


All children are born artists and scientists but as we go through the present education the artistic nature in almost every child is numbed. In the modern context from where the present schooling emerges from there was no division between artist and scientist. If we take examples of people…

Reclaiming our biological instinct of nurturing

The first lesson that life teaches us is to nurture.

Learning to feed

Just a generation or two ago, being with children all the time was the norm, and no one ever worried about bringing up children. Even the word parenting was unknown. With the march of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ and the school invading our lives and other pressures that modernity has brought in the time spent with the children has constantly decreased. This early separation has eliminated the possibility of children imbibing the experiencing of parenting and has resulted in the creation of people who have…

The THANIMA conference was initiated mainly to address the homogenization of our aesthetic sensibilities. The Western aesthetic is sweeping the whole world making the very idea of culture redundant. Cultural diversity would soon be eliminated totally if we don’t explore deeply various aspects of the formation of aesthetic sensibility in humans. We need to come together to explore deeply various aspects of aesthetic formation, its roots, its connection with the context, formative process, connection with cognition, connection with culture and also how it gets awakened, distorted and destroyed.

The intention of the conference was very clear not only in terms…

Is the beauty part of our biological makeup?

I have been exploring the biological basis of beauty or the core principle from which ‘beauty’ manifests. I distinguish art and beauty in the following manner. Art is a mental construct whereas beauty is part of our biological nature just like hunger which is what is the cause for making food.

I began my exploration in 1985 when I joined to study design and I found that we (the non-western world) are being re-colonized through education and especially in terms of our sense of beauty. So I began to explore how…

Jinan Kb

Victim of modern education, cognitively rewired to understand WORD instead of WORLD. Exploring KNOWLEDGE making process instead of analyzing 2nd hnd information

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