Reclaiming our biological instinct of nurturing

The first lesson that life teaches us is to nurture.

Learning to feed

Just a generation or two ago, being with children all the time was the norm, and no one ever worried about bringing up children. Even the word parenting was unknown. With the march of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ and the school invading our lives and other pressures that modernity has brought in the time spent with the children has constantly decreased. This early separation has eliminated the possibility of children imbibing the experiencing of parenting and has resulted in the creation of people who have lost the basic natural instinct to nurture. The inter-generational transfer of knowledge to nurture is lost in the process and this has made the parents dependent on external authority.

Just to feel secure, to trust life children need to be with their loved ones and this is also something that children need to experience, absorb, and ‘learn’. In fact, the adult’s sense of insecurity, anxiety, etc has roots in their own early childhood experiences.

The first ‘experiential’ lesson a child learns is to be a parent, to nurture as that is what her first experience is. This what all living beings ‘learn’!

Children in locked down

How are children faring in this lockdown situation? Are they getting bored? Are they becoming irritable? Are they stressing you out?


Are they really enjoying the suddenly found freedom? Being creative, Playful, joyful?

Are they locked up or are they set free?

The lockdown has locked up the parents and children together, which is a very fascinating situation. Parents are getting a chance to be with children for 24 hours.

How are parents dealing with this situation? Are parents enjoying the presence of children or are they being anxious, stressed out, and over parenting?

DO NOTHING PARENTING is about how to let the children be as they are equipped by life to grow, to learn, to blossom. It is about undoing over parenting. It is about reclaiming our biologically ingrained trust in life. It is about reclaiming the sense of abundance and timelessness with which we are born.

It is about de-stressing, dealing with the anxiety of parenting, and rediscovering playfulness in us. It is about how to discover the joy in seeing creativity, playfulness in children. It is to rediscover the biological instinct for nurture, care, and bonding for a nourishing relationship.

Every new-born child comes with this original possibility. If we are sensitive and let children be, we could learn from them how to be.

Children are equipped by life to create knowledge and develop intelligence and creativity and by helping, instructing, denying, and teaching we are coming in their natural way of unfolding.

In fact, the lesser we do, the better children will grow. If we can learn to do nothing at all, life’s magic will unfold itself through children and all we have to do is to be a witness to the natural learning process of children. This is not only a rewarding experience for parents but also nourishing for the children.

It is to learn how to let the children be and learn from children how to be!

Victim of modern education, cognitively rewired to understand WORD instead of WORLD. Exploring KNOWLEDGE making process instead of analyzing 2nd hnd information